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Municipal Reinvestment & Structured Products


R. S. Lynch & Company is one of the Nation's leading Financial Advisory Firms specializing in Municipal Reinvestment and Derivative Product procurement services for municipal issuers, project developers and industry professionals. We offer very inclusive industry-wide competitive bidding programs structured and documented to meet all Treasury and Bond Counsel requirements, and to achieve the best possible yield and terms on Investment Agreements, Repos, Forward Purchase Agreements, Swaps and other structured products.


R. S. Lynch & Company has managed over $2 billion of municipal reinvestment and derivative product procurements for over 50 clients including:

$255,600,000 Massachusetts Industrial Finance Agency
SEMASS Waste to Energy Project

Bidding against several major New York firms, we placed the construction fund proceeds with an AA European bank at a net yield 35 basis points better than the next competing offer.

$834,000,000 Government Development Bank for Puerto Rico
Highway and Transportation Authority Bonds

This competitive procurement, which we managed and closed in April 1996, represents the largest competitively procured Investment Agreement completed to date.

$43,000,000 New York State Environmental Facilities Corporation

Water Pollution Control Revolving Fund - Babylon N.Y. Project

With the SLUG window closed, we utilized an innovative rolling forward treasury structure, competitively procured, to achieve a perfect defeasance.

$128,000,000 Eastern Connecticut Resource Recovery Authority, R.S. Lynch & Co., Financial Advisor

$87,700,000 Ogden Martin Solid Waste Disposal Revenue Bonds
(Town of Babylon, N.Y.)


R. S. Lynch & Company provides Municipal Reinvestment and Derivative Product procurement services far beyond the traditional "brokering" of funds at time of closing. By participating with our clients early-on in the financing process, we provide valuable advice regarding financing document language and rating agency implications in order to prepare a financing for the most advantageous  municipal reinvestment or derivative product and to avoid rating agency, regulatory or other  "surprises".

Most importantly, by utilizing a very inclusive, industry-wide internet facilitated competitive bidding process we can assure our clients of the highest interest rates and best terms available on an arms length basis within their investment quality standards. All providers currently active in the market for the required product are included in our bid solicitation.  This typically includes 25 to 40 providers whose bid is actively solicited and 10 to 25 actual prequalified bids received directly by our clients.

We provide our clients direct access to all bond proceeds investment markets including all Moody's and S&P rated insurance companies, foreign and domestic banks, credit corporations and other financial institutions and a wide variety of proceeds investment vehicles, forward purchase contracts and treasury purchase optimizations. Our data base of providers, updated weekly, includes over 150 domestic and international financial institutions rated "A" to "AAA". Turnkey Municipal Reinvestment and Derivative Product procurement services includes provision of  Bid Request documents, complete exposure to all potential bidders, full and detailed reporting of bid responses to our client and bond counsel for federal certification purposes, and execution document drafting and negotiation to ensure timely closing.  All phases of this process are structured to comply with Treasury regulations.

We offer bond proceeds investment services at three distinct stages of each financing. Before financing documents are in a final draft mode, we can review each financing and suggest the specific proceeds investment vehicle(s) which in our opinion maximizes income for the issuer within appropriate credit standards. Based upon the client's choice of vehicle, we would provide specific document language to accommodate the investment vehicle as well as up to date advice regarding any rating agency, regulatory and other relevant aspects of the chosen investment vehicle. This early stage input can be provided through a monthly review meeting when we, personally, visit your offices and review with your team each upcoming transaction.

Execution phase services would be provided approximately 1-2 weeks before financial closing. These services will differ depending upon the specific investment vehicle chosen. When a GIC is to be utilized, turnkey GIC services would include up-front scheduling of competitive bid activities integrated smoothly with the debt issuance activity schedule of the issuer, drafting of Investment Agreement Bid Requests, complete exposure to all potential bidders, full and detailed reporting of bid responses to our client and bond counsel for federal certification purposes, and assistance in investment contract drafting and negotiation to ensure timely closing. All phases of this process comply with Treasury regulations. When securities are to be purchased, such as Treasuries to fund a defeasance escrow account, the securities and/or optimization will be bid out to qualified primary government securities dealers.

In 1999 we developed and introduced the industry’s first web-based tool to facilitate competitive municipal reinvestment procurements.  This tool,
BondProceeds.Com, was inaugurated with a highly successful $12,200,000 ten year Repurchase Agreement for the Connecticut Resource Recovery Authority. This site allowed the client to execute a more timely, inclusive, cost effective and environmentally responsible distribution of documents and solicitation of bids for a DSRF investment.

Bond Proceeds.com
58 Coddington Lane
Millbrook, NY 12545

(845) 677-6959
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